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The company was registered in 1996 and was launched in 1997. The most active department was training and development at the initial stages. With the growth of the training and development, it became clear that we needed to extend our services to solving the problems our clients raised during the workshops, breakfast meetings and conferences. It was then that management consulting division was launched.

JBH is wholly Swazi owned with several strategic partners all over the world, predominantly in RSA, UK and the USA

Training and Development

Our philosophy in training is developing programs that will help solve work related problem. As such our programs are work-based and all consultants and facilitators have to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the theoretical framework as well as an extensive testing theories on practical work situations. Our facilitators go through an intensive orientation to ensure that they embrace the JBH philosophy when delivering training.

Management Consulting

Over the years JBH has played an active role in institutional reform, strategy, organisational development, business surveys. We have, therefore, developed a pool of experts both internally and externally to add value to our services. In this regard we have collaborative partnership agreements with several accredited institutions to assist us in delivering quality services. We have invested in our staff through on the jobs training, including attachments and mentorship endeavours. We have thus become the preferred institution in delivering management consultancy services.

Training and Development

Over the years JBH has played a key role in staff placements of key strategic positions in many organisations in and outside Swaziland. We do headhunting as well as using the pool in our database for those employers who do not wish to advertise but need to fill positions urgently.

There are several tools used in our selection process; this includes oral interview, case study and targeted selection methods. Our psychometric testing is optional but has proved to add great value in the selection process. The CV tracking process at JBH are vigorous but effective. We have become the preferred agent by many organisations in and Outside Swaziland.

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